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How To Boost the Reliability of Your Wi-Fi

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How to Boost the Reliability of Your Wi-Fi Network

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Wi-Fi professionals need to design and deploy reliable Wi-Fi that meets customer needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Accurate site survey measurements are critical to making this possible. Unfortunately, the traditional, commonly used USB-based Wi-Fi adapters provide inconsistent and inaccurate measurements. This leaves Wi-Fi professionals with an incomplete, often false picture of the network performance.

Their imprecise readings can result in additional hours, or even days, of re-work that may result in a larger hardware investment that not only doesn’t improve performance but may diminish it even further. These risks can be avoided with the Ekahau Sidekick?.

This application note details the results of an external professional-grade lab comparing the performance of Ekahau Sidekick and USB-based Wi-Fi adapters Proxim 8494 and Comfast CF-912AC. 

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